Why bother with a pastor’s blog anyway?

When the Chapel first launched its website in January 2015 I was of a mind to include a pastor’s blog as one of the pages. While I thought it would be of some value I weighed this in the balance with the time it would take to maintain it and opted out. Then a couple of months ago a visiting speaker challenged me to reconsider. I felt God asking me, through him in that moment, to start a blog. Why, what good would a blog be? I’m not famous, our chapel is not large. So I dug a little deeper into the whys. In my reflections I came across a helpful article that likewise challenged pastors to blog (http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/6-reasons-pastors-should-blog). So here I am, I have yielded.

Further to some of the perhaps obvious reasons to blog and those highlighted in the link above here are some of my hopes for this blog:

  1. To further equip my flock
    1. To challenge, encourage and feed them in ways that go beyond Sunday services, Wednesday Bible studies and one to ones.
  2. To engage with the community
    1. To allow people to discover more about the chapel and most importantly Christianity in a non-threatening way;
    2. To be a wholesome spiritual voice to the village; and
    3. Realizing that in an internet age, people are more apt to check you out on the web before the they check in in person.
  3. As a means of being visible
    1. To put myself out there as a community pastor;
    2. To interact; and
    3. To be known.

So I commit this work to the Almighty praying that He might see fit to use this blog for His glory and purposes!

The Lord’s Sweetest Blessings,

Pastor Chris