Harvest Supper

We will be holding our Harvest Supper on Saturday, 2 October at 6pm in the Chapel Hall.

It will be a bring and share supper. A signup list will be available for those who would like to attand.

Melanie Griffiths from Transform Europe Network (TEN) will be sharing with us about Harvest for the Hungry.

For almost three decades Transform Europe Network has enabled its partners in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to bring food to the hungry. Lives continue to be changed. Despair keeps giving way to hope. The Gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed to the homeless, orphans and widows, the destitute and families of the terminally-ill. Thousands of people are fed.

Harvest for the Hungry is supported by the generous giving of UK churches and hundreds of individual supporters.

Harvest for the Hungry is a life-line for many in desperate need. Thousands of families in eastern Europe face a harsh winter without food, especially this year, due to the loss of vital earned income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the years, TEN Food Parcels have become an essential source of basic food for many. Your support for Harvest for the Hungry will enable our partners to help needy families and the elderly to survive the cold months of winter.

For more information about TEN, click on the link below.