Pastor’s Blog: A Canuck in Cromhall


Canadian author and story teller Stuart McLean (The Vinyl Café) has two rules for his Story Exchange where listeners can send in their own stories: 1) your story must be true and 2) it must be short; and after that it is up to you.

I intend to offer regular Biblical reflections in that same vein: 1) to offer reflections grounded in the truth of the Bible, 2) to keep it as short and digestible as possible, and to be creatively Chris as I go about it.

On my blog you are apt to find reflections: that spring from the life of the chapel; Bible questions; nuggets from my studies or personal experiences; things I recommend; comments on world or local events and issues; and many other things under the sun.

It is my intent that they will all be written to the glory of God and it is my prayer that they may prove profitable for the edification [spiritual improvement] of all who read them (in Cromhall and beyond!). I look forward to any interaction.

PS- Canuck (not pronounced Canook) is a label for Canadians synonymous with Kiwi (New Zealander), Aussi (Australian), Yankee (American) or Limey (British).