Missed a sermon? want to listen again to review? planning a visit? listening from abroad? Whatever your reason, we are glad to commend to your spiritual profit the sermons preached at our chapel by our visiting preachers. We hope they build you up in the Truth!

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March 2020

March 29th A.M. David Frampton. John Ch. 9 vs 1-7
March 22nd A.M. Bes Gorrea. Acts Ch. 1 vs 4-11
March 15th P.M. Damon Ujvarosy. Matthew Ch. 5 vs 13-16
March 15th A.M. David Frampton. John Ch. 4 vs 1-26
March 8th P.M. Martin Erwin. “God Most Just” (various Bible passages)
March 8th A.M. Robert Simpkins. Philippians Ch. 4 vs 4-9
March 1st P.M. Bes Gorrea. 2 Kings Ch. 5 vs 1-19
March 1st A.M. Alan Thorpe. Genesis Ch. 19 vs 1-29