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We are blessed from the preaching of our pastor and numerous guest speakers. Please see a full list below of up and coming speakers and sermons:

Our theme for 2019, based upon Jeremiah 17:7-8a, is discipleship. We want to make disciples for Christ and we want to grow disciples for Christ. Sermons will explore what it means to be a disciple of, or to follow, Jesus, and ways in which we can grows as disciples of Jesus. Come along for this great adventure of following Jesus, for the alternative is less than appealing (Jer 17:5-6).

judges-480x270In the evenings in the first half of 2019 Pastor Chris will be continuing to lead us in our study of Judges. Judges contains some very well known stories and many lesser known ones. It is oft times neglected or even disparaged, yet it is part of God’s Word with a powerful message to those who will listen. We’ll see the devastating effects among God’s people that conformity to the world brings, how God is faithful and gracious to delivers His people, and lastly, we will see the tragedy of our own hearts when Jesus is not king in our own lives and how only King Jesus, the greatest deliverer and judges, can save our hearts from certain disaster.


December 30                  a.m. Jesus is for life not just for Christmas (Chris Crocker); p.m. Ed Stuart

January to March 2019

Date Morning Service Evening Service
Jan 6 Chris Crocker

Mt 5:13

Rory Jones
Jan 13 Chris Crocker

Jer 17:5–8

(2019 Theme Verse)

Brian Miller
Jan 20 Trevor Ranger Chris Crocker (Judges 13)
Jan 27 Chris Crocker David Frampton
Feb 3 Chris Crocker Damon Ujvarosy
Feb 10 Jonathan Brain Chris Crocker (Judges 14)
Feb 17 Chris Crocker Trevor Brain
Feb 24 Chris Crocker David Frampton
March 3 Roger Chilvers Alan Tarling
Mar 10 Steve Loader Chris Crocker (Judges 15)
Mar 17 Chris Crocker Mike Ogbourne
Mar 24 Chris Crocker David Frampton
Mar 31(Mothering) Rob Simkins Chris Crocker (Judges 16)

*An historic Georgian panel, which faces the pulpit from the balcony.plate