Past Sermons

Sermons will be available on the website for about one year, however all sermons are archived. Please contact us if you are interested in listening to any older sermons.

April 2020

April 26th A.M. Damon Ujvarosy. Matthew Ch. 5 vs 17-20
April 19th A.M. Bes Gorrea. Philippians Ch. 1 vs 1-11
April 12th A.M. (Easter) David Frampton. John Ch. 20 vs 1-18
April 10th A.M. (Good Friday) Damon Ujvarosy. Philippians Ch. 2 vs 5-11
April 5th A.M. Damon Ujvarosy. Psalm Ch. 40 vs 1-17

March 2020

March 29th A.M. David Frampton. John Ch. 9 vs 1-7
March 22nd A.M. Bes Gorrea. Acts Ch. 1 vs 4-11
March 15th P.M. Damon Ujvarosy. Matthew Ch. 5 vs 13-16
March 15th A.M. David Frampton. John Ch. 4 vs 1-26
March 8th P.M. Martin Erwin. “God Most Just” (various Bible passages)
March 8th A.M. Robert Simpkins. Philippians Ch. 4 vs 4-9
March 1st P.M. Bes Gorrea. 2 Kings Ch. 5 vs 1-19
March 1st A.M. Alan Thorpe. Genesis Ch. 19 vs 1-29

February 2020

February 23rd P.M. Paul Young. Daniel Ch. 6 vs 1-28
February 23rd A.M. Paul Young. Psalm 8 & Romans Ch. 5 vs 1-11
February 16th P.M. Peter Cresswell. John Ch. 8 vs 1-11
February 16th A.M. Damon Ujvarosy. Colossians Ch.1 Vs 15-23 and Hebrews Ch. 11 vs 32-38

February 9th P.M.  Bes Gorrea.  Psalm 67

February 9th A.M.  Roger Chilvers.  Hebrews Ch. 3 vs 7-14 & Ch. 2 vs 1-2

February 2nd P.M.  Phil Ricketts.  Revelation Ch. 1 vs 17 – Ch. 2 vs 7

February 2nd A.M.  David Frampton.  John Ch. 10 vs 1-18

January 2020

January 26th P.M.  Ed Stuart. Luke Ch.13 vs 22-30

January 26th A.M. Stewart Heap.  Luke Ch. 7 vs 36-50

January 19th P.M.  David Frampton. Genesis Ch. 6 vs 1-8 & Matthew Ch. 24 vs 36-44

January 19th A.M.  Damon Ujvarosy.  Matthew Ch. 5 vs 1-12

January 12th P.M.  Trevor Brain. Matthew Ch. 5 vs 6-10 & Psalm 42 vs 1-2

January 12th A.M.  Geraint Howells.  2 Chronicles Ch. 17 vs 1-9

January 5th P.M. Trevor Doherty.  Isaiah Ch. 43 vs 1-13 and 18-28

January 5th A.M.  Bes Gorrea. Luke Ch. 10 vs 25-37

December 2019

December 29th P.M.  David Frampton.  John Ch. 15 vs 1-17

December 29th A.M.  Steve Loader. Matthew Ch. 24 vs 35-39

December 25th A.M.  Damon Ujvarosy. Christmas Day Service

December 22nd P.M.  David Frampton. Candlelight Carol Service

December 22nd A.M.  David Frampton.  Carol Service

December 15th P.M. Alan Mann.  Matthew Ch. 2 vs 1-12

December 15th A.M. Damon Ujvarosy.  Isaiah Ch. 9 vs 1-7

December 8th P.M.  David Newman. Psalm 37 vs 1-24

December 8th A.M. Steve Cracknell.  Luke Ch. 1 vs 26-56

December 1st P.M.  Damon Ujvarosy.  Matthew Ch. 24 vs 36-44

December 1st A.M.  Alan Tarling.  Isaiah Ch. 9 vs  1-7

November 2019

November 24th P.M. David Frampton.  John Ch. 3 vs 22-36

November 24th A.M. Jonathan Brain. Acts Ch. 8 vs 26-40

November 20th Area Bible Study.  Nathan Pomeroy.  Matthew Ch. 5 vs 1-20

November 17th P.M. Ed Stuart.  Acts Ch. 4 vs 32-37

November 17th A.M.  James Morrison.  2 Timothy Ch. 2 vs 1-13

November 10th P.M. Damon Ujvarosy.  Galatians Ch. 3 vs 1-14

November 10th A.M. David Frampton.  James Ch. 3 vs 13 – Ch. 14 vs 10

November 3rd P.M.  Besmir Gorrea.  Isaiah Ch. 6

November 3rd A.M.  GideonsUK. Isaiah Ch. 40

October 2019

October 27th P.M.  Phil Greenow.  Ephesians Ch. 3 vs 1-21

October 27th A.M.  Brian Miller.  Luke Ch. 16 vs 19-31

October 20th P.M.  Damon Ujvarosy. Romans Ch. 7 vs 14-25 & Philippians Ch. 2 vs  1-11

October 20th A.M.  Phil Raine. Romans Ch. 8 vs 1-17

October 16th Area Bible Study.  David Horton.  Revelation Ch. 12 and Ch. 13

October 13th P.M.  Peter Cresswell.  Psalm 118 vs 19-29 & John Ch. 7 vs 37-38

October 13th A.M.  Eunice Burden. Thailand Presentation. Romans Ch. 10 vs 13b-15

October 6th P.M.  Harvest Sunday.  Mike Ogborne.  Matthew Ch. 9 vs 35-38

October 6th A.M.  Harvest Sunday .  David Frampton.  Psalm 85

September 2019

September 29th P.M.  Patrick Prosser. John Ch.17 vs 5-21

September 29th A.M.  Steve Cracknell. Luke Ch.19 vs 1-10

September 22nd P.M.  Roger Chilvers.  1 Timothy Ch. 2 vs 1-8

September 22nd A.M.  Robert Simpkins.  Psalm 95

September 18th  Area Bible Study.  John Bishop.  Revelation – An Overview (various verses)

September 15th P.M. David Newman.  Matthew Ch. 11 vs 10-20

September 15th A.M.  Damon Ujvarosy.  Jude

September 8th P.M.  David Frampton. 1 Peter Ch. 2 vs 19-25

September 8th A.M.  Stewart Heap.  Psalm 45 vs.  1-17

September 1st P.M.  Damon Ujvarosy.  Matthew Ch. 5 vs 1-12

September 1st A.M.  Steve Chedgzoy.  1 Timothy Ch. 2 vs 1-7

August 2019

August 25th P.M.  Paul Young.  Psalm 15 and Acts Ch. 5 vs 1-11

August 25th A.M.  Paul Young.  Ephesians Ch. 5 vs 15-21

August 18th P.M.  Chris Crocker. Judges Ch. 21 

August 18th A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Psalm 1

August 11th P.M.  Trevor Brain.  Ephesians Ch. 4 vs 1-16

August 11th A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Hebrews Ch. 4 vs 14 – Ch. 5 vs 10 People’s Choice: Melchizedek and Jesus

August 4th P.M.  Phil Ricketts.  Psalm 89 vs 19-52

August 4th A.M.  Chris Crocker.   1 Corinthians Ch. 3  People’s Choice: Does 1 Corinthians refer to Works or Belief / Faith?

July 2019

July  28th  P.M. Chris Crocker.  Judges Ch. 20

July 28th A.M.  Robert Simpkins.  Ephesians Ch. 2 vs 1-22

July 21st P.M.  Jim Short.  Acts Ch. 17 vs 10-30

July 21st A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Matthew Ch. 28 vs  16-20

July 14th P.M. 19 pm, Ed Stuart.  1 Peter Ch. 3 vs 8-18

July 14th A.M. Chris Crocker. Genesis Ch. 2 vs 15-25 Peoples Choice: Care for Creation

July 7th P.M.  Chris Crocker.  Judges Ch. 19

July 7th A.M.  Maurice Wheatley.  Acts Ch. 26

June 2019

June 30th P.M.  Damon Ujvarosy.  Matthew Ch. 5 vs 1-12

June 30th A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Philippians Ch. 2 vs  1-11 People’s Choice: What does it mean that every knee will bow?

June 23rd P.M.  Peter Cresswell.  Psalm 13

June 23rd A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Ephesians Ch. 3 vs 14-21

June 16th P.M.  Chris Crocker. Judges Ch. 18 

June 16th A.M. Robert Simpkins. Psalm 73

June 9th P.M.  Alan Tarling.  Acts Ch. 2 vs 1-21

June 9th A.M.  David Frampton.  John Ch. 18 vs 28-40 and Ch. 19 vs 1-16

June 2nd P.M.  Trevor Doherty. Matthew Ch. 8 vs 21-35

June 2nd A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Matthew Ch. 4 vs 18-22

May 2019

May 26th  P.M.  David Frampton. Genesis Ch. 26 vs 1-35

May 26th A.M.  Chris Crocker. Matthew Ch. 17 vs 1-9

May 19th P.M.  Chris Crocker.  Judges Ch.17

May 19th A.M.  Jonathan Brain.  Luke Ch. 24 vs 13-45

May 15th (Area Bible Study).  Roger Page.  Job Ch. 2

May 12th P.M.  Aaron Scott. Luke Ch. 24 vs 13-49

May 12th A.M.  Trevor Brain. Philippians Ch. 3 vs 12-16

May 5th P.M.  Emmaus Christian Choir

May 5th  A.M.  Chris Crocker.  Colossians Ch. 2 vs 6-15