Wednesday Specials

We occasionally hold special cafe style events in the Chapel hall. These are outside speakers of special interest. These events are accompanied by tea/coffee and cake/biscuits. These events begin at 7 for 7:15.

Creation Ministries – May 27th

Creation Ministries International

Creation Ministries International (CMI) exists to support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history.

CMI has offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and United States of America.

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Speaker – Dominic Statham

Dominic became a Christian as a student in the early eighties. Over the following years, he became convinced of the need to hold firmly to the Bible as the basis for Christian belief and practice. Intrigued by the endless media assertions that “evolution is a fact” and that “the Bible is wrong”, he decided to investigate the scientific issues for himself. He was astonished by the weakness of the arguments presented by evolutionists, and is now keen to help others realise that there is no conflict between science and Christianity, and that the Bible can be trusted from the very first verse.

Dominic has a particular interest in Christian ethics, and his conviction that the Bible is true stems, in part, from his growing appreciation of the wisdom contained in both the Old and New Testaments. These, he has come to realise, perfectly portray the nature of man—his spiritual and moral needs—and provide an understanding of godliness and rightful living that can be found nowhere else. He is convinced that no book is more needed or more relevant in our current age than the Bible.

Dominic is a Chartered Engineer and graduate of Loughborough University in the UK. He has extensive experience of both manufacturing and product development and holds a number of patents. As an employee of Rolls Royce, he worked on projects for the Panavia Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon and, as an employee of GKN, engineering drivelines for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. He is a speaker and writer for CMI-UK/Europe and the author of Evolution: Good Science? Exposing the ideological nature of Darwin’s theory and co-author of Inspiration from Creation: How engineers are copying God’s designs.

Dominic’s talk is entitled ‘Creation and Why it Matters!’

Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures – June 17th

God gave the Holy Scriptures to man as the one true source of light. He chose Jewish writers as the instrument to pen His word and to carefully preserve it down through the centuries. The Hebrew heritage of the Word of God is real, and a great debt is owed to the Jewish people for this most precious gift. Out of gratitude to them and in partial repayment of our debt, The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures exists to provide Jewish people worldwide with a free copy of the Holy Scriptures in bilingual format, i.e. in Hebrew and in the reader’s daily tongue.

Speaker – Geraint Howells

Geraint’s talk is entitled ‘Reaching out to the Jewish people –  The Approach, Techniques and Terminology’