Radically, Relevant, Reliable and Refreshing Reading

Where can I find that you might ask in disbelief?

The Bible!

What?! Those adjectives do not appear to reflect how I view that old book.

Well, maybe your old view isn’t based on a full enough understanding (btw- have you ever seriously read that book you claim is old, irrelevant, less than trustworthy and dull?). I have based my life upon it, and never once has it failed or faltered. That is because God, in His Word, promises as much. He tells us in Proverbs 30:5a- Every word of God proves true!

I was listening in on a conversation recently between two individuals who were discussing Christian things and I presume (and hope) were Christians. The one was giving the other, who was seeking advice on subject X, wisdom. However, his wisdom amounted to nothing more than empty human thoughts that were interesting, but less than helpful for this man who really just needed the truth. I was in agony within myself as this man was told a load of nonsense. Now I am not against hearty and helpful knowledge if it is in accordance with God’s Word and builds upon the firm foundation of the truth. I am not against recommending Christian books that elaborate upon important topics, so long as they find their centre in Scripture. What this man was being encouraged to examine was not that kind of wisdom (compare Prov 3:1-8). Towards the end of their conversation I decided to politely intervene. It just so happened that the “advisor” was heading off at this point anyway. In response to his initial query I passed along, not a huge treatise for him to digest, but one simple Bible verse and explained in the context of his question how it applied. He was amazed! It was true wisdom, pure and very simple (or at least straightforward). He immediately recognized how much more sense that one Bible verse made and was (sadly) somewhat amazed that I had just pulled it out from my memory. You mean that is in the Bible, he seemed to insinuate. Yes, it is in the Bible, and there is plenty more practical and spiritual wisdom where that came from, a vast treasury. Our conversation continued, much as it had before, onto another point he had raised. Again, I responded with a simple Biblical truth. He was amazed, “I cannot believe the Bible says that, this makes so much sense!” Lesson? Read your Bible and become acquainted with its timeless truths. In fact, as you read other books you should always be reading the Bible, how else will you be able to evaluate them and discern fact from fiction?

Here are some implications from Prov 30:5:

  • The God of the Bible can be trusted.
  • Because He speaks through His Word we can always trust what it says.
  • Because the Bible is always trustworthy we do not have to waste time searching for answers elsewhere. It is sufficient for us.
  • We can be glad of this, build our life upon its truths, and see the fruit of that truth at work in our lives (and this in turn leads other people to marvel at the wisdom of God and of His generousity in providing it).

Thank be to God for His Word!

The Lord’s Sweetest Blessings,

Pastor Chris