Hanging on His Words

Palm Sunday is now behind us and we have entered into Holy Week, the week where Christians remember the week of Jesus passion (or the events leading up to His death).

We were reminded of the Easter story by a storyteller who visited us last night to share Barabbas: An Easter Story and as I introduced us to the passage we will be studying this Easter at chapel, Isaiah 53. We also put up a giant cross at our local intersection to remind others that this coming week and holiday weekend are not merely about nicer weather coming (though we are grateful for that) nor simply a coming vacation but rather a time to remember and be affected by the work of Christ.

One that note I wanted to recommend a spiritual discipline that I will be taking up this week in addition to our chapel chronological Bible reading plan. Perhaps this will be something you might choose to join in on our do something similar in the week after Easter focusing on Resurrection passages.

Beginning yesterday with Luke 19:28-40 and the triumphal entry I began reading and meditating upon a passage from Luke’s Gospel that builds up to the cross. To get it all in I have roughly broken these chapters of Luke into a morning and evening reading plan.

Last night’s reading included Jesus cleansing the temple and I was struck by the fact that while the religious leaders’ annoyance of Jesus had grown to a breaking point, still they could do nothing for all the people were hanging on his words (Lk 19:48).

In whatever way you are able to buck the trend of not focusing on Christ this Easter, may we as His people be different from the world, and set the example, in whatever way we choose to observe it, by hanging upon all that Christ did that first Easter.

The Lord’s Sweetest Blessings,

Pastor Chris