Looking Forward to Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner—it is almost here! Perhaps you’re looking forward to Christmas? Maybe you’re looking forward and seeing all that you need to do to make this Christmas a success? It could also be that as you look forward to Christmas you’re looking back to attempt to recapture some nostalgic ideal of a Christmas long, long ago?

I’d encourage you to look to Jesus this Christmas and there find a Christmas to look forward to. Millions of people this Christmas will have the worst Christmas imaginable. They’ll think it is going to be great, the presents, the trimmings, the food and the fun, but when it’s past they’ll look back in regret. Something just wasn’t quite right. There always next year…I guess.

Allow me to let you in on a secret. The angels, Joseph and Mary, the shepherds, the wisemen, they all had the perfect Christmas! The key to their success…not Sainsbury’s, nor John Lewis…it was Jesus! They stood in awe of God’s plan in history, they focused on Jesus, they appreciated His coming, they worshipped Him and praised God the Father for sending His Son.

The trimmings are in part meant to recreate the wonder and the joy of that first Christmas. Far too often they crowd Jesus out. Take time this December to worship Jesus and make Him number one on your Christmas list and I’ll guarantee you that you’ll have a Christmas to look forward to, and one to remember.

Happy Christmas,

Pastor Chris