Remembrance Day 2017


Today is Remembrance Day (I hope you bought a poppy and that you paused to remember!). This is a photograph of my grandfather, Jack W. Crocker, in 1943. My grandfather was a WWII veteran, many of his friends and countrymen paid an even greater sacrifice than his service by laying down their life for their friends, family and country. In serving as a chaplain in the Canadian Army Reserve for 6.5 year I had the privilege to meet many men and women who likewise sacrificed greatly, and knew of others who had—still today— paid the greatest sacrifice for our peace, their lives.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for their friends.

(John 15:13)

Whilst those who serve, served and have died deserve our respect and honour, and whilst the sacrifices ensured our freedom in the face of tyranny and still today protect and defend the peace we enjoy, it does not have any salvific quality spiritually speaking. Here, at best, these men and women are pointers and reminders of the one who was perfect and God and who gave His life to save us from our sin so we might have life and peace for eternity. Do you know this warrior, saviour and friend (Jesus)? If so, when was the last time you paused to remember and give thanks for Him?

The Lord’s Sweetest Blessings,

Pastor Chris