Despite living in an age that says there are no ultimate answers (i.e. truth), still people yearn for answers, they long for truth. People have all kinds of questions. Since they are taught there is no truth, they look for answers to their questions in themselves, in others, in other teachings or religions. In a word they are lost.

I recently had the opportunity to lead an event with small children. As a prayer they were invited to ask one BIG QUESTION of God and write it on a slip of cardboard. The questions were profound and honest. Yet, I was saddened that for the majority of their questions there is an answer in the Bible. We need not look any farther; it’s already there for us.

How sad this is, because we have a God who speaks, and has spoken in His Word! We need not be lost. And because He is truth and cannot lie, everything He says is real and can be trusted! (Prov 30:5). Isaiah 45:19 says, “I the LORD speak the truth; I declare what is right.” Though there are mysteries our finite and small minds may not be able to fathom and must be left in faith with an infinite and wise God, still we will find answers that satisfy our deepest questions when we look for answers in God’s Word.

The Lord’s Sweetest Blessings,

Pastor Chris